5 Popular Banking APIs To Get Your Routing Number

This article discusses the top 5 banking APIs for obtaining your routing number. So stay here if you want to know which APIs are suitable for your company.

Financial institutions can identify and handle transactions using the routing number, which is an identity number. It is sometimes referred to as a transit number or a bank code. The American Bankers Association (ABA) has given financial institutions in the US and Canada this number to help them be identified. In financial transactions, a routing number is utilized to identify your bank account. It is a nine-digit number that can be found at the bottom of checks or on the bottom line of your checking account.

The institution that holds the route number can be determined by its first six digits. The final three numbers, referred to as the “ABA number,” are given to each institution by the American Bankers Association.

Top 5 APIs To Use If You Want To Get Your Routing Number

Routing Number Bank Lookup API

Zyla Labs developed the Routing Number Bank Lookup API, which provides users with access to financial data. This bank information API helps with requests for banking data relating to ACH or wire transfers. After submitting the routing number and the desired payment method, you will receive the banking information. Similar to other ACH bank information APIs, it makes it easier to transfer money between banks.

You can eliminate declined customer payments by integrating this API into your company. Before making any transactions, you must be able to confirm the provider’s routing number.

American Express ATM Locator API

You can use a location-based search criterion, such as an address, city, ZIP code, or the name of a financial institution, to find ATM locations that accept American Express products in a specific area using this REST API. It offers a list of available ATMs that fit the specified search parameters so that you can create a solution that is similar to the one shown in the example utilizing the address-based search option, the ATM list, and a third-party map. An international service provider, American Express gives clients access to the goods, information, and experiences that help businesses grow.

Credit Reporting Services

Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax have approved XML as a re-seller. XML is a nationwide, full-service credit reporting organization. We provide a range of automated APIs for sectors that need credit data. They can meet the most demanding consumer lending and credit needs with an exceptional range of data products and services, all supported by decades of expertise and understanding in the credit reporting and software industries. For advice, access to the provider’s API, and documentation, interested developers can get in touch with them.

OCBC Travel Insurance

This Travel Insurance API is made available by the Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation. This API to makes it possible for users to look for coverage while on the go. This API provides access to information on travel insurance, such as premiums, advantages, coverage, and more. A user’s needs-specific insurance plans can be retrieved via the API. This API offers a frequently updated list of OCBC travel insurance policies for protection while traveling. You can then narrow your search criteria and exclude policies to just get the results you’re interested in.

Nedbank Customers API

Africa-based Nedbank is a provider of financial services. In April 2019, the business unveiled the Nedbank API Marketplace, their Open Banking Platform. The Nedbank Customers API enables apps to get customer details from the Nedbank real-time banking core, including profile information, names, and addresses. This Nedbank developer site API access allows you to retrieve customer details, including names, addresses, and profile information, from the Nedbank real-time banking core. You must register for a subscription in order to use any of the Nedbank developer APIs, which all employ OAuth 2.0 for authentication and permission.

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