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An IP address is a unique identifier assigned to each device connected to an internet network. Since every device connected to the internet has an IP address, it is possible to identify and locate any computer or device connected to the internet. This is done by using a database that links IP addresses to geographic locations. In addition, you can also use IP geolocation data for security purposes. For example, if you want to protect your website from visitors located in certain areas, you can use geolocation data to do so. This is because IP geolocation data can provide information about the country, state/province, city/town, latitude/longitude, and time zone of the device.

How Can You Obtain IP Geolocation Data?

There are several ways you can obtain IP geolocation data. One way is by using a reverse IP lookup service. This is a website that allows you to look up any IP address. In return, it will provide you with information about the location of the device that owns that IP address. Another way you can obtain IP geolocation data is by using an IP geolocation API. It will allow you to request information about an IP address; and in return, it will provide you with information about where that IP address is located. There are many APIs available online, but not all of them are reliable and accurate. If you’re looking for the best API for getting an IP address, we recommend IpXapi.


With the help of IpXapi, you can obtain detailed IP location information, such as the nation, name of the IP address’s associated city, zip code, and more, for any IP address. All that information can help you identify the location of your users or clients based on their proximity to a given geographic area. This API is also perfect for marketing firms that wish to target customers based on their geographic location and enhance their interaction with your website or app. The best part is that IpXapi provides several affordable options that are simple to adapt to each customer’s needs.

Using IpXapi

To start using IpXapi, join the website by creating an account and choosing a subscription plan. Next, specify an IP address and make the API call at the end. You may get all the information you require about where the IP address is located.

As an illustration, “” was used as the IP address. We made the following requests to the API and got the responses we needed:

  "status": "success",
  "country": "HK",
  "countryCode": "HK",
  "region": "Wong Tai Sin",
  "regionName": "Wong Tai Sin",
  "city": "Wong Tai Sin",
  "zip": "",
  "lat": 22.3367,
  "lon": 114.199,
  "timezone": "Asia/Hong_Kong",
  "isp": "ChinaOne Network Limited",
  "org": "ChinaOne Network Limited",
  "as": "",
  "query": "",
  "areaCode": "",
  "dmaCode": "",
  "inEU": 0,
  "euVATrate": false,
  "continentCode": "AS",
  "continentName": "Asia",
  "locationAccuracyRadius": "50",
  "currencyCode": "HKD",
  "currencySymbol": "元",
  "currencySymbol_UTF8": "元",
  "currencyConverter": 7.8294,...
  "connection": {
    "asn": null,
    "isp": null
  "type": "ipv4"

Just so you know, the above response was only partially displayed. On the other hand, it enables us to infer that the IP address “” is connected to the region of Wong Tai Sin in Hong Kong.

If you are looking for a tool that can help you enhance the user experience, you should try this IpXapi. With it, you can get the IP address of any website you want. This way, you can make sure that your website is running smoothly and that people can access it. Why, then, do you remain here? Go ahead and give it a try!

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