Avoid Phony Routing Numbers With This API

Do you want to stay away from fake routing numbers? If so, you ought to employ this API!

The term “route number” is presumably recognizable to those who work in the shipping industry. It refers to the nine numbers that are printed on a package’s bottom right side. The United States Postal Service (USPS) and other shipping businesses use routing numbers as a standard identifier to identify certain mail routes. A postal district is represented by three digits, a post office by two digits, and a specific mail carrier is identified by four digits. The ZIP code is also used to pinpoint the location of a dwelling or company. Additionally, it is used by the USPS to deliver mail to its destination and to calculate shipping costs. As you can see, shipping industries depend heavily on routing numbers. Customers occasionally give them inaccurate information, though, or even make up their own fictitious phone numbers. They do this in order to avoid having to pay taxes on their goods or services or in order to swiftly get their shipments.

As a result, if you run a shipping business and you realize that some of your clients are using fictitious routing numbers, you should utilize an API that can spot them right away. By doing so, you can avoid paying taxes on nonexistent goods and guarantee that your shipments will be delivered promptly and safely.

Applications sharing information can now be seamlessly integrated thanks to APIs (application programming interfaces). APIs have fundamentally altered how businesses streamline processes, particularly financial transactions. These little bits of code guarantee secure data transmission, providing the framework for many different economic systems. APIs are incredibly flexible tools. For example, in the banking sector, these solutions can assist you with everything from process optimization to streamlining financial transactions. The addition of banking APIs to your organization is a great move. You may make sure that your clients’ financial transaction procedure is secure and simple to use by integrating them.

Zyla Labs’ Routing Number Bank Lookup API is a highly rated source of bank data. You can use this API to manage your finances, process payments, and authorize payments. The process of integrating this product into your company is simpler than it may appear. However, we will offer a complete explanation to this API offering in order to give you a clear knowledge.

Routing Number Bank Lookup API

Using this bank information API is an excellent approach to stay away from fake routing numbers. You can cease receiving deliveries from clients who are using phony numbers thanks to its ability to swiftly assess whether a number is authentic or not.

Using this API, you can check whether a route number is legitimate and learn important details about it, like whether it’s real or fraudulent, what kind of carrier it uses, and more.

Utilizing this API is quite simple. You must give the routing number and the preferred payment type as a first step. ACH and wire transfers are accepted forms of payment. Then, you will get all the banking details pertaining to that routing number.

Refusals of payments can be annoying since they lower customer satisfaction and incur financial losses. A provider’s routing number can be verified before any transaction using the Routing Number Bank Lookup API. Therefore, by incorporating this routing number information API into your business, you can avoid declined payments. It also allows for the account’s location and bank’s identification. Not to mention, you will be able to confirm everything needed over the phone by using additional bank information.

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