Best 4 APIs To Discover The True Cost Of Living In Cities

Try these 4 APIs if you want to learn what the real cost of living is in cities. You only need an internet connection to get started.

Fortunately, there are a variety of approaches to estimate a city’s cost of living. You can use online resources that offer details on various facets of life in various cities. Consult your local newspapers or periodicals as well. However, talking to locals in the city you’re interested in is the greatest method to learn more. What if you do not have the time to complete all of this? What if you want a quick fix? So, in that scenario, we advise you to try using an API.

Software applications can connect with one another utilizing a set of definitions and protocols by using an API (Application Programming Interface), which is a collection of protocols and functions. APIs allow different services and applications to communicate with one another and share data.

In other words, APIs are a group of features that enable systems or applications to speak with one another in order to seek information or carry out particular tasks. As a result, APIs act as a bridge between different software systems, enabling them to share data or carry out particular tasks. So, if you want to know the true cost of living in cities but don’t have time to do it by yourself; we recommend you start using these four APIs; they will help you find all information related to this topic.

Cities Cost of Living and Average Prices API

Data on the cost of living and average prices of products and services in cities all around the world are accessible through the Cost of Living and Average Prices by City API. It contains details on a variety of costs, including those for housing, food, transportation, and entertainment, as well as information on typical wages and spending power.

With the aid of this Country Data API, users may assess the cost of living in various locations and choose a place to live or conduct business after doing their research. It contains information on the typical costs of many different products and services, including food, clothing, healthcare, and education. Additionally, it provides details on the typical price of housing in each location, including rent and mortgage payments.


Numbeo is another very popular API for calculating costs of living in cities. This API provides current and historical data on cost of living by city; as well as rent estimates for accommodation; food costs; utility costs; transportation costs; etc. Numbeo also provides data on purchasing power parity (PPP), which compares the cost of living across cities worldwide based on local currencies; rather than using the US dollar as a base currency. Additionally, this API will give you data on housing, grocery, transit, utility, and other price information for any city. Data for cities all across the world are displayed, and the interface is simple to use.

City Price Parity

This API provides information on consumer goods and service price levels in hundreds of cities throughout the world. You may get information on average costs for goods like food, clothing, and electronics as well as housing rent. Includes a variety of indices, such as the Rent, Purchasing Power, and Groceries. More specifically, the average costs (and ranges) of particular goods, such as a certain dish, the price of an apartment, or a wage. 35 different currencies are also offered. On request, more can be added right away!

Lightcast Cost Of Living

It features a sizable database with details on goods from hundreds of shops in each US county. Although it is solely from the United States of America, it is a good piece to recommend if you’re thinking about moving there. This is an interface for retrieving cost of living index data for US counties.

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