Best 4 APIs To Implement With A Spell Checker

Are you looking for software to help you edit your documents? This article will teach you about the top 4 APIs for eliminating spelling and grammar errors.

A computer application called a spell checker looks for spelling mistakes in papers. Spell checkers can be separate applications like Hunspell or Aspell or usually integrated into word processing software like Microsoft Word and LibreOffice Writer. Bill Pogue created the first spell checker in the late 1970s while he was employed by Xerox Parc.

Typos are a widespread problem today. They can be found in almost every industry, including social networking, graphic design, writing, and computer science. Even the most skilled and cautious people occasionally make errors. You might discover a typo after going back and proofreading a full document or blog post that you typed incorrectly. Typos frequently result from haste, fatigue, or a lack of focus.

These errors are typically found in quickly written messages, such as SMS or emails. Typists commonly make mistakes because they are not focused on the keyboard. Typos are easy to see because they are commonly misspelled or have the wrong number of letters. Some errors, however, are more challenging to find since they are written correctly and have the right number of characters. If there is a lot of text to read, it may be difficult to find these mistakes.

A spell and grammar checker API will assess the way you have written a document and point out any errors and suggest corrections. By using one of these APIs, you can make sure that your language is flawless, has a simple and understandable structure, and does not contain any strange terms.

Fortunately, there are lots of resources online that can assist you in writing more clearly and avoiding these mistakes.

Spell and Grammar Checker API

Any spelling or grammar problems in your application can be found using this API. Send text, and get a JSON response with possible mistakes and proposed fixes. Recognize any grammar and spelling mistakes in your application. Get a JSON object with all the identified mistakes, grammatical recommendations, and more. You can direct your users using this Spell Checker API if they spell a term incorrectly. It improves the UX experience by making it simple for users to edit what they just wrote.

Prevent users from entering incorrect text in your input text fields. Additionally, if you run a blog, this tool is perfect for proofreading and fixing any incorrect or misspelled terms before posting the content.

Wordnik Swagger REST API

The Wordnik Swagger API gives programmers access to Wordnik’s features and lets them work with those of other apps through Open API standards. Using JavaScript to get terms, definitions, and dictionary management are a few examples of API approaches. Wordnik is a website that provides definitions for words and phrases.

Bing Spell Check REST API

The Bing Spell Check API, part of Microsoft’s Cognitive Services for Azure, offers contextual spell checking and suggestions for misspelled terms for text given by a third-party application. This is Microsoft’s third-generation spell-checker, which does not rely on dictionaries but rather statistical machine translation and machine learning. Tools for fixing homophones and identifying slang and informal language can be incorporated by developers. This API exchanges data in JSON format and uses API Keys to authenticate users.


The Grammar API checks the grammar and spelling of text in a variety of languages. An illustration of a response identifies whether an uppercase letter is used to start a sentence, details whether a typographical error exists, and suggests capitalization as a solution. This API is a part of the STANDS4 Network, which provides access to online learning and reference resources.

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