Find Out Right Away If The Same Person Appears In Two Pictures With Face Comparison API

There are details in pictures that are invisible to the human eye, minute signs and features that depend on a subjective appreciation. Mere observation can be misleading, as there are gestures and moments that the camera catches that can give you a wrong vision in your comparison. The same person in two different pictures may look different and you can get deceived by the perspective, the close-up, the mis-shaping of the camera sometimes, and many other circumstances that in some cases cannot be accepted. That is why, if you want to prevent this from happening, you should consider using a specific software that analyzes features with precision to guarantee exact correspondence between the person in two different pictures.

These tools are extremely helpful when it comes to comparing faces in order to determine whether they belong to the same person for any purpose that demands accuracy. Furthermore, they are extremely simple to use and require no effort from your part. Since APIs are the bridge between two software systems, they allow two programs to communicate with one another in order to request and receive specific data by complementing each other. Application Programming Interfaces are constantly evolving and rendering more and more efficient solutions. These tools draw key facial features, perform high-precision comparisons, provide confidence scores and determine with 0.01% error whether it is the same person in different images.

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Face Comparison API works by comparing the two images using artificial intelligence (AI) and other technologies like facial recognition and facial comparison. As a result, this tool will provide you with information about how similar the two faces are, as well as other details like the distance of the camera and the angle at which they were taken. Overall, using an API is simpler than you think. You just need an internet connection, a computer or a smartphone, and a trustworthy API provider. Fortunately, there is one trustworthy API that has recently gained popularity due to its efficiency: Face Comparison API. ZylaLabs has integrated it with other tools like Face Comparison Validator API, Identity Validator API, Face Matching API, Compare Faces API, and others. Face Comparison API makes it simple for you to compare any two faces in order to determine whether they belong to the same person or not.

Face Comparison Validator API

Register by creating an account at Zyla API Hub. Once you are done with that, an API key will be given to you. With this special combination of numbers and letters you will be able to call any of the APIs available at Zyla Hub. Authenticate your API key by including your bearer token in the Authorization header and start making calls to Face Comparison API. All you need now is the URL of the image you wish to compare and make the call. And that’s all! The rest is up to Face Comparison API. This tool will do all the work for you. It will provide all of this information in a matter of seconds.

The API performs similarity comparison and identity authentication, with high precision, and it can be applied in function-related face similarities such as image management, face similarity comparisons and identity validation. It also classifies intelligently photos in a gallery, so as to categorize and manage photos. The API generates algorithms for image recognition that gives certainty of the output, and furnishes enhanced user experience.

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