Quickly Classify Objects With Clapicks API

Do you need to quickly classify objects in your images? Read this article to learn how to do it with this API! One way to use object detection is to create an application that can recognize and track objects in real-time. This application can be used for a variety of purposes, such as security monitoring or traffic monitoring.

Since human tagging and identification of our media would not be very scalable, AI is required to help us with this process. By classifying and tagging our media with descriptive keywords for each image, we can arrange a massive number of photos. This process needs to be automated in order for computer programs to comprehend our pictures and figure out what’s inside.

Thanks to technology, we can identify a wide range of items in images, including objects, persons, entities, and other things. Huge volumes of data are shared by people today online, on social media, and through applications. Another aspect that contributes to the availability of digital images and movies is the prevalence of smartphones with high-resolution cameras.

Image segmentation is a technique that divides a digital image into several subgroups known as Image segments. By making the original image less complex, this technique makes it easier to handle or analyze the image in the future. Giving labels to pixels is the process of segmentation, to put it simply.

There is a distinct name for each pixel or component of a picture that belongs to the same category. Take the following situation as an example: For object detection, a photo must be provided as input. A segmentation algorithm-selected subset of the image can be fed into the detector instead of the complete image being examined. Inference time will be reduced as a result of the detector not having to process the complete image.

Because we are aware of the different possibilities one might notice when examining the extensive amount of options available, we think the image Clapicks API to be the most reliable on the market right now. This will spare you the time and effort of conducting endless searches.


Organizations can use a variety of tools from Clapicks to classify and arrange any images they may have stored in their databases. With the help of this API, you can analyze, sort, and search vast quantities of unstructured images automatically. The online service offers a variety of photo analysis and interpretation capabilities.

Use Clapicks if your organization has to manage huge unstructured image files and sort them by content. You can use this Image Classifier API to get the details you need to determine whether images are of people, animals, sports, or landscapes.

Clapicks will provide you with tools for image segmentation, object detection, content filtering, and much more, so we strongly urge you to check it out right away and see the fantastic outcomes it can produce! You can start utilizing it as follows:

What this API receives and what your API provides (input/output)?

Just by passing the Image URL, you will be receiving a list of all the possible objects that are in there.

  • Confidence: this is a score between 0 to 1. When closer to 1 the better the recognition of the AI for the object in the picture.
  • Label: You will be given the name of the object the AI has found on the image.

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