Seize The Bean: Access Arabica Coffee Continuous Contract Data Via An API

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Arabica coffee (Coffea arabica) is a species of coffee that is native to the southwestern highlands of Ethiopia and the Arabian Peninsula. It is a shade-tolerant species that can grow in areas with low levels of sunlight. This type of coffee has a milder taste, which makes it ideal for those who want to enjoy their cup of coffee without the bitter aftertaste or extra caffeine. Arabica beans are also known for their aromatic properties, which makes them ideal for brewing high-quality coffee.

Benefits Of Arabica Coffee

In addition to their mellow flavor, Arabica beans have several benefits that make them ideal for consumption:

1. Rich in antioxidants, which help protect the body from free radicals that cause cell damage.

2. Contain substances called flavonoids, which have anti-inflammatory properties and can help prevent heart disease.

3. Contain L-theanine, which has been shown to have positive effects on health and cognition.

4. Low glycemic index, which means they can be consumed by people with diabetes without causing blood sugar levels to spike.

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If you trade Arabica coffee futures, it’s crucial to understand as much as you can about this industry. Gathering all of this data can be time-consuming and challenging, but an API can help in this situation, an Arabica coffee futures API. This API will let you obtain different sets of pricing data for Arabica coffee. So now that you know all the benefits of Arabica coffee and its continuous contract data via an API, we want to suggest a reliable API that can cope with the task, the commodities API.

Commodities API

The commodities API is software that provides access to real-time Arabica coffee continuous contract data from the world’s largest commodity exchange, the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT). It’s easy to use this API, as it has an intuitive user interface that allows you to simply enter your query and receive results in real-time. You can also use this API in your applications or websites, as it’s available in various programming languages such as JSON, XML, PHP, Ruby, etc.

Find the most recent rates, historical statistics, fluctuation data, and more on Arabica coffee with the commodities API. It also supports other assets, allowing for application in the analysis of other markets. Last but not least, it can spare later developers the effort and expense of having to construct a complete system. This API can be considered a predetermined system that can be adapted to their customers needs.

How To Use It

To use the commodities API, all you need is a user account. Therefore, visit the commodities API webpage and get a subscription. For analysis of the Arabica coffee asset, supply the Arabica coffee symbol, endpoint, and currency. Finally, run the API call and see all the data on your screen.

To better demonstrate this process, we’ll look at the most recent Arabica coffee continuous contract pricing. As a result, we chose the “latest rates” endpoint and entered “KC00” as the symbol to be examined alongside the currency “USD.” Following the API call, we received:


The result provided states, one US dollar is equivalent to 0.0053777897284216 Arabica coffee units.

Knowing the benefits of Arabica coffee and the importance of having the latest information on this market, we can conclude that the commodities API is a great alternative for you. Get all the information you need and more! Explore other markets and make better investments today! 

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