Site Traffic API: Your Secret Weapon For Ranking Higher In Search Engines

Are you looking for a powerful tool to help you improve your website’s performance in search engines? Do you feel stuck when thinking of ideas to attract more visitors to your page? Do you feel at a loss when it comes to site traffic?

First of all, a website’s traffic is an important indicator of its performance. It measures the number of visitors, the amount of time they spend on the site, the pages they visit, and much more. This information can be used to make decisions about how to improve your website. However, it’s important to understand that website traffic is not the same as visits. A visit is when someone opens a new tab or window to access your website. A visit can consist of one or more sessions, which are defined as a series of interactions between a user and your website within a given period of time (usually 30 minutes). To put it simply, website traffic is the number of visitors who visit your site over a specified period of time. So, if you have 100 visitors in one hour and then 200 visitors in the next hour, your traffic would be 200 visitors.

So, how to measure website traffic and improve your visits? There are many ways to measure website traffic. The most common method is using analytics tools like Google Analytics or Webmaster Tools. These tools provide information about the number of visits, average time spent on the site, bounce rate (the percentage of visitors who left without interacting with any content), and much more. However, another useful tool to fulfill this purpose is using the best API available on the market right now: the Site Traffic API.

How To Measure Website Traffic Using Site Traffic API

Zyla Labs’ Site Traffic API is the perfect solution for businesses looking to monitor and analyze the performance of their website. With real-time data on user behavior and metrics, this API allows businesses to gain insights into their website visitors and optimize their web experience.

The easy-to-use interface makes it simple to track website performance and gain valuable insights into customer behavior. With this powerful tool, businesses can make informed decisions about their website and improve their overall performance.


How To Use Site Traffic API

To use the Site Traffic API, you will need to provide your API Key. Once you have your API Key, you can make an API call to the endpoint given on their webpage with your API Key as a parameter. For example, if you write a webpage on “Domain”, such as “”, the response will contain site traffic data such as the number of visitors, pageviews, and other metrics for Amazon. For instance, the response would look like this:

"Version": 1,
"SiteName": "",
"Description": "",
"TopCountryShares": [
"Country": 840,
"Value": 0.8267236995081527
"Country": 124,
"Value": 0.010699974269303266
"Country": 356,
"Value": 0.010587474230848484
"Country": 826,
"Value": 0.009653396507974117
"Country": 392,
"Value": 0.007165552308422825
"Title": "",
"Engagments": {
"BounceRate": "0.33032562771392854",
"Month": "1",
"Year": "2023",
"PagePerVisit": "9.330598002366576",
"Visits": "2511844364.744088",
"TimeOnSite": "420.046706036716"
"EstimatedMonthlyVisits": {
"2022-11-01": 2591286838,
"2022-12-01": 2739323344,
"2023-01-01": 2511844364
"GlobalRank": {
"Rank": 12
"CountryRank": {
"Country": 840,
"Rank": 4
"IsSmall": false,
"TrafficSources": {
"Social": 0.03828423490936899,
"Paid Referrals": 0.0026201276063803664,
"Mail": 0.02067153668466279,
"Referrals": 0.047808887614034866,
"Search": 0.25033328332899607,
"Direct": 0.6402819298565571
"Category": "e-commerce_and_shopping/marketplace",
"CategoryRank": {
"Rank": "1",
"Category": "E-commerce_and_Shopping/Marketplace"
"LargeScreenshot": "",
"IsDataFromGa": false

To conclude, bear in mind that when it comes to measuring the success of a website, website traffic is one of the most important indicators.  The more visitors a site receives, the more likely it will rank higher in search engines and be discovered by new users.The amount of traffic a site receives also indicates how well-known it is. Therefore, if you want to increase your popularity and reputation online, you need to generate more traffic. How to do it? Well, using the Site Traffic API.

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