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Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Codes are the ID of every company engaged in some production or service activity. There are systems that classify such primary and secondary activities of every firm to allow spotting one by one. This is a way to identify a firm by a letter that stands for the industrial division (Mining, Manufacturing, Finance, Agriculture, etc.) and by a sequence of digits that indicate the sub-division, the category and sub-categories. These codes are used by governmental agencies for statistics and for researching the market to allot promotions and plans. Banking institutions find these codes useful for granting loans and letters of credit.

Private businesses use these codes to make sure of the correct classification the company has or to find out about competitors, potential partners and market trends. The SIC Codes are also used by investors and analysts to scan a company’s financial performance and compare it with other firms in the same sector. Companies use SIC codes to track down their own financial performance over time. By comparing their SIC codes over time, businesses can see how well they are doing in different sectors and subsectors.

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Manual search of businesses by SIC Code is impossible and inaccurate. Luckily developers have devised APIs (i.e. interfaces that connect different software programs and allow them to communicate with each other). They can be used to automate tasks and make life easier for both businesses and consumers. In this case, a SIC Codes API can be used to automate the process of validating businesses and gathering information about them. This information can then be used to create databases or websites where investors can access this data. In addition, an API can be used to automatically generate reports based on this data. This can save time and money for both businesses and investors.

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In addition, it allows investors to compare different companies in the same sector and determine which one is the most profitable. With this API you can get all sorts of information about companies in seconds. Just with the name of the company you will get all its details including address, phone number, revenue, etc. It is integrated with other APIs, namely Company Data Slug API, Company`s Line Of Business API, NAICS API and Retrieve Company Information API.

SIC Codes LookUp API

To get all the information about any company, this API only needs the name of the company, and it will get you all the details you need. All the information will be presented to you in an easy-to-understand format (JSON), so there will be no need for you to dig through complicated documents. This is an easy-to-use API that will save you a lot of time and trouble. This API is ideal for those businesses that need to get information from companies before they make any deals with them. With this data at your disposal, you will be able to make better decisions before signing any contracts.

The ultimate benefits for your business are: improved commercial experience, better marketing prospects, smarter optimization of time and productivity, and consequently increased revenue. Try now and see the difference at once!

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