Top 3 APIs To Generate User Agents

First let`s make clear what a User Agent is. A UA is software that identifies a user or a web browser when connecting to a server or a website. It is also known as a client identifier or a header. The header contains information about the device or software that is sending the request. This identification is made so that the server can identify and respond to it. The most common user agent is the browser, which is used by most people when browsing the internet. But there are many other types of user agents that are used by different programs and devices such as smart phones and watches, robots, etc.

APIs (Application Programming Interface) are technologies that allow two different software programs to communicate with each other. They are essential for the development of websites and applications since they provide the necessary data and functions for them to work. When it comes to APIs, there are many types of platforms depending on what they provide and what they receive. In this case, we are interested in APIs that allow us to generate and to identify user agents. A user agent generator API works by taking in an input parameter and providing an output with all the information about the user agent. This information can be useful for various reasons such as analysing traffic on your website or understanding the devices your visitors use.
There are many options for generating user agents and we recommend herewith the top three in the market.

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User Agent API

User Agent Generator API


The User Agent API is developed by Zyla Labs that allows you to get information about any user agent. This API works by allowing you to query different user agents and receive information about them. It is an efficient API if you want to get information about the devices your visitors use. You can use this data to understand what users prefer, what they don’t like, and how they interact with your website. It is powered with AI and Deep Learning, and integrated with other APIs (Agent Randomizer API, Random User Agent API, Scrape User Agent API, User Agent Database API, etc.).


IPGeolocation API

UserAgentParser is an API developed by APILayer that allows you to get information about any user agent. This API works by providing you with a JSON response with all of the information regarding the user agent you requested. This output guarantees ease of use and legibility of response, in seconds. The API supplies the right browser, device and operating system from a user agent string, so as to tailor user experience and prevent spammers from accessing your website.

User-Agent Translator

Linguamatics | LinkedIn

Finally, we have User-Agent Translator, an API developed by Linguamatics, that allows you to translate any user agent string into more than 150 languages. This API works great if you need your analytics data in multiple languages at once. It also helps if you want your website to be accessible for users from all over the world. Tasks that used to be time and effort consuming or not feasible in the past, can be done now in minutes.

Now that you know about these options, try them out and see for yourself which one you liked best! All of them offer a trial test before you make up your mind to subscribe for a paid version. Then you can choose from a menu of plans to select the one that fits your needs best.

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