Top 4 APIs To Choose The Right City To Live In Depending On Its Price

Are you looking for the best APIs to choose the right city to live in? We have a recommendation for you!

The cost of living is a measure of how expensive it is to maintain a certain standard of living in a given city. It is typically measured by the cost of a certain basket of goods and services, such as housing, food, transportation, and utilities. The cost of living in a city can vary widely depending on the city and the goods and services included in that basket.

The most common method of calculating the cost of living is by comparing the cost of a basket of goods and services in two or more locations. This can be done at a city level or at a statal/national level.

Another way is determining an index with the same data. A higher index indicates that it is more expensive to live in that city. A lower index indicates that it is less expensive to live there.

However, the duty can take too long if you go through it manually. That’s why some developers came out with an idea: to connect information stored on many websites worldwide. They put it all together on APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to request the data in no-time. If you are looking for some APIs to help you with this, we have some recommendations for you:

1. Cost of Living API

In this API, you will be able to find out from its name, all about how much each city costs. It has an excellent database that will provide you with all kinds of information about this subject. You will be able to get data about more than 200 cities from all over the world. It was designed by the Zyla Labs Hub and the full name actually is Cities Cost of Living and Average Prices API.

2. Numbeo

This API will also provide you with information about prices for housing, groceries, transportation, utilities, and more for any city. It has an easy-to-use interface and displays data for cities around the world.


3. City Price Parity

This API provides data on price levels for consumer goods and services across hundreds of cities worldwide. You can get data on average prices for consumer products like food, clothing, and electronics as well as rent prices for housing.

4. Lightcast Cost Of Living

It has an extensive database that includes information on every US county products from hundreds of stores. It’s only from the United States of America, but a neat work to suggest if you’re considering any place over there.



Now you only have to choose among one of these options. Click on their logo or highlighted name and register on their websites to start the process. Good luck!





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