Try This API For Seamless Image Comparison For Identity Verification

As technology advances, security concerns are growing. One of the most common fears is identity theft, which is one of the most prevalent types of crime. However, you can try the image comparison technique to protect yourself from this crime.

Advantages Of An Image Comparison 

Image comparison involves comparing two images and determining if they are identical or not. It is important because it can be used to:

  1. Detect changes in images over time.
  2. Identify differences between the two images.
  3. Provide feedback on how two images compare to one another.
  4. Evaluate the quality of an image.
  5. Verify that an image has not been altered.
  6. Image comparison can also be used in security applications such as:

• Image authentication: To ensure that an image has not been altered or tampered with.

• Image verification: To verify that the image provided by a user is the same as the one stored in the database.

• Image matching: To compare two images to see if they are identical or if they have any differences.

Image comparison can be done manually or automatically. Manual image comparison requires a person to analyze the two images and determine if they are identical or not. Automatic image comparison, on the other hand, involves the use of an application programming interface (API), or more specifically, an image comparison API. This tool can help you safeguard your personal information by verifying that the person holding the device is indeed you. There are many different types of APIs available; however, if you’re looking for one that can help you quickly and easily verify identities, we recommend using the Face Match Validator API.

Face Match Validator API

The Face Match Validator API determines whether one image resembles another by comparing the two images using cutting-edge technology. The images are compared using URLs. The face match validator API will return an array of similarities along with a similarity score. This tool will be helpful to those who wish to see if the two images are similar or identical. One of its advantages is that this tool can be used in several programming languages (CX, JavaScript, JSON, PHP, Python, and Ruby), making it very accessible and easy to integrate into any project! Some of its most common use cases are for security systems.

How Does An Image Verification API Work?

To access the Face Match Validator API, just create an account at the Zyla API Hub and subscribe to it. The process of comparing images is very simple and quick, just select the proper endpoint, upload both URLs in the respective fields, and send an API call. It will send you a response indicating whether the two images match or not. Please be aware that using any of the two endpoints provided by this API—”create task” or “retrieve result task”—will yield a complete answer.

For example, we wanted to compare the pictures of the following URLs: “” with “”. So we adjusted the URLs of the two images we wanted to analyze in the request body form of the “create task” endpoint and ran the API call. We got:

"request_id": "635eb16b-15ed-4efb-9db4-91dd7ca05e70"

We then gave the request ID and chose the “retrieve task result” endpoint. Following the API request, the following information was discovered:

"action": "compare",
"completed_at": "2023-06-27T07:25:26+05:30",
"created_at": "2023-06-27T07:25:23+05:30",
"group_id": "123",
"request_id": "635eb16b-15ed-4efb-9db4-91dd7ca05e70",
"result": {
"image_1": {
"face_detected": true,
"face_quality": "Good"
"image_2": {
"face_detected": true,
"face_quality": "Good"
"is_a_match": true,
"match_score": 100,
"review_recommended": false
"status": "completed",
"task_id": "123",
"type": "face"

This response’s 100% match score confirms that George Clooney is the subject of both images.

There are numerous benefits to using an image verification API for your business. The face match validator API might allow you a seamless image comparison for identity verification. Do not hesitate and try it now!

Gabriela Vinueza

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