Use This API To Get Accurate IP Data In 2023

The Internet is a global network of computers that enables communication and the sharing of information. Every computer connected to the Internet has an IP address that is used to identify it. So, if you want to find out who owns a certain website, you can simply look up its IP address.

IP addresses are unique identifiers that are assigned to each device that connects to the Internet. They are used by computers on the Internet to locate each other and communicate. An IP address is a 32-bit number that is divided into four sections: The first section, or “network address,” identifies the network that your computer belongs to. The second section, or “subnet mask,” identifies your computer’s location on that network. The third section, or “host address,” identifies your specific device on the network. The last section, or “IP address,” is a unique number that identifies your computer or other device on the Internet. This number is assigned to your computer by your Internet service provider (ISP) at the time of connection.

So, if you want to find out accurate IP data in 2023, you should use an IP address API. This kind of tool allows you to get all the information you need about a certain IP address. For example, you can use it to find out who owns a website and learn more about it. Also, with this information, you can determine whether or not a website is safe for your users. Now that we know how IP address APIs can help us get accurate IP data in 2023; we will introduce you to the best API available today!

Get Accurate IP Data Using This API

You should try using an API called IpXapi. This tool allows you to get all the information you need about an IP address; including its location, local time zone, latitude and longitude coordinates, and more. You can use this API for any purpose; such as improving your SEO strategy and getting information about your competitors. Also, with this API, you can discover which websites have the best performance; which means that they have good security features and are user-friendly.

Getting Started With IpXapi

Using IpXApi is quite easy. All that is required is that you first visit the IpXapi website and register for an account. Moving on, the IP address code should be entered in the appropriate field. Last but not least, send the API request and receive all the data you need.

For example, when we entered “” as the IP address, the following details were shown:

  "status": "success",
  "country": "United States",
  "countryCode": "US",
  "region": "CA",
  "regionName": "California",
  "city": "Santa Cruz",
  "zip": "95064",
  "lat": 36.9921,
  "lon": -122.0577,
  "timezone": "America/Los_Angeles",
  "isp": "University of California, Santa Cruz",
  "org": "University of California, Santa Cruz",
  "as": "AS5739 University of California, Santa Cruz",
  "query": "",
  "areaCode": "",
  "dmaCode": "807",
  "inEU": 0,
  "euVATrate": false,
  "continentCode": "NA",
  "continentName": "North America",
  "locationAccuracyRadius": "1000",
  "currencyCode": "USD",
  "currencySymbol": "$",
  "currencySymbol_UTF8": "$",
  "currencyConverter": 0,
  "flag": "🇺🇸",...

The answer given above merely summarizes the issue. This shows the location of the IP address “” to be in Santa Cruz, California.

IpXapi will allow you to obtain accurate data so that you can make the best decisions possible! And remember; with IpXapi, you can obtain both the IP full address and other useful details in just a few seconds by only providing the IP code. The best part is that it is straightforward to use and well-documented, so integrating it will be a breeze.

Gabriela Vinueza

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