Check If Company Name Is Consistent With This SIC Codes LookUp API

A SIC code is a three- to eight-digit number that identifies a company in a variety of industries. It is used by businesses, government agencies and banking institutions to classify the type of business and its industry. The SIC code is similar to the tax code in that it is used to determine how much tax a business must pay, and is the ID of every organization. The SIC code is used by businesses to classify the primary activity and its industry. The first two digits of the SIC code indicate the sector or industry in which a company operates. The third digit indicates the subsector, while the fourth and subsequent digits indicate the specific category and sub-categories.

The Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system was developed by the US Census Bureau as a means of classifying industries based on similarities in their production processes, markets served, and raw materials used. SIC codes are used by companies for a variety of purposes, including accounting, taxation, researching and reporting. They are also used by government agencies for statistical purposes.

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Why Is It Important To Check If Your Company Name Is Consistent With A SIC Code?

The SIC code is an important component of your company’s identity. It is typically listed on your company’s website, marketing materials, and annual report. You should make sure that your SIC code accurately reflects your business activities; otherwise, you may find it difficult to attract potential customers or clients. If you want to know if a company’s name is consistent with a SIC code you should try an API like Company Data From SIC Codes API. This consistency is important to make sure about the authenticity of data. There are ghost companies lurking in the market, and you must keep your business`s reputation and your database clean.

This API is powered with Artificial Intelligence, and is complemented by a suite of APIs by Zyla Labs (SIC Codes LookUp API, Company Data Slug API, Retrieve Company Information API and SIC Codes API). They will provide information about a company as well as its industry classification, but above all that it is a legitimate company. This API will make you certain that you can use it for marketing purposes or even for your own benefit. You will be able to know more about the companies that are related to your own or even invest in them if they are profitable. If you want to get started with this API just keep reading because we will tell you how you can use it.

SIC Codes LookUp API

How To Use This API?

The best way to use this API is by going to Zyla Labs Hub and then selecting Company Data From SIC Codes API to get started. Then, you will have to sign up and then choose the plan that best suits you. But first, here are some steps that will help you: sign up; get your API access key and access the API endpoint; include your bearer token in the Authorization header. Get a list of companies that meet your search criteria. Go to SIC Codes LookUp API and click on the button “Subscribe”. Use, connect and manage APIs. Employ the endpoint of your choice and make the API call by pressing the button “run” and see the results on your screen, in real time.

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