The Benefits Of Using The SIC Codes Lookup API In 2023

The SIC code is an alphanumeric identification that stands for a company’s sector of activity. This code is used by a wide range of economic sectors to classify businesses and their operations according to the kind of economic activity they are engaged in. The SIC code is a classification system that helps businesses categorize their activities. It also helps people who want to do business with them because it provides useful information about a company’s business. The SIC codes are essential for companies that are looking for new customers or for new business opportunities. People who want to do business with other companies can look up SIC codes to find out more about them. Also, it can help them understand the sector better and make better business decisions.

There are various systems, all similar and connected, like NAICS for North America and SIC Codes for Europe and the rest of the world. The initial letter indicates the major industry (Agriculture, Mining, Finance, Manufacturing, etc.). Then follows a sequence of three to eight digits to indicate the sub-division, the category and sub-category. If you have the SIC Code of a company, you count on precious information (address, email address, phone numbers, location, revenue, size of staff, background and reputation, etc.). At the same time you get authenticity of the company, which helps keep your database clean.

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You might perform the search manually, which will take time and effort, and give you uncertainty about the genuineness of the output. However developers have devised software that allows to perform this process fast, easily and with the certainty of an accurate output. SIC Codes LookUp API is an automated platform powered with AI, integrated with other APIs by the same supplier (Company Data Slug API, Company`s Line Of Business API, NAICS API, Retrieve Company Information API) that guarantees:

  • To see which businesses are in the same sector as you are. This will help you see who your competitors are and what your competition looks like.
  • To see what kind of products or services other companies in your sector offer. This will help you identify gaps in the market, which you can then fill with your own products or services.
  • To see how profitable other companies in your sector are. This will help you set realistic goals for your own company.
  • To see how much revenue other companies in your sector generate. This will help you set realistic revenue goals for your own company.

SIC Codes LookUp API

With these powerful tools, you will be able to get all kinds of information about any company just by entering its name. Moreover, it is really easy to use and you will get the results immediately. We can assure that you will not waste time or money.
In order to learn how to start using SIC Codes LookUp API, all you need to do is follow these simple steps: Go to to access ZylaLabs home page. Then access any of the data, enter the name of the company as a parameter. Make sure to confirm that you are not a robot in the reCAPTCHA box. And that’s it! Your information will be revealed. Just like that!

This is ideal for marketing firms who want to collect data from their target companies. Additionally, it’s great for learning about competitors, potential partners, market trends, etc. You will expand your business and increase your revenue.

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